Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Give Knock-Out Roses a try this Spring!

It is not very often in the landscape world that a plant is developed that everyone already loves and is improved to require little care.  The Knock-Out Family of Roses was developed to be easy to grow and ot require specific care.  They are the most disease resistant rose on the market today.  They have a stunning flower power with a generous bloom cycle (abou every 5-6 weeks) that will continue until the first hard frost.
All Knock-Out Roses are self cleaning, so there is no deadheading.

 The Knock-Out Family of Roses can fit into any landscape.  They say this rose suits every garden and every lifestyle.  You can plant them individually among shrubs, annuals, and perennials in mixed beds and borders.  You can plant them in large masses or you can plant them as flowering hedges.  You can also plant them along a foundation to provide a bright border.  This Spring when you are visiting your favorite garden center looking for plants to add to your landscape, do not hesitate to look at the Knock-Out Family of Roses.

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