Monday, January 18, 2010

Installing a Brick Paver Patio (Part 4)

Lets start out by recapping nailing in the spikes for the edging.  As a company rule, we install a spike, skip (2) holes, and then install another spike.  If we are edging really tight curves, then we spike every other hole.  After you have installed the edging, we take and shovel dirt over and against the brick edging.  We then take the plate compactor and tamp the soil around the outside of the patio.  This provides two things.  First, it must be done so that as it rains we are less likely to have washout.  Second, this helps in allowing no movement in the brick pavers.

Next, we take bags of polymeric sand and dump them out on the patio.  We take a broom and very lightly broom the sand all over the patio.  You want the loose polymeric sand to be about 1/4" deep and do not worry about sweeping the polymeric sand into the joints.  A 1/4" of loose sand allows the plate compactor to glide over the patio causing less damage to the brick pavers.  You will need to compact the entire patio in (3) different directions.

Compacting the patio levels the paver stones into the bedding layer of 2NS Sand and allows sand to vibrate up through the bottom of the joints.  This sets the pavers in place and makes for a tight patio.  The polymeric sand will lessen the likelihood of ants and weeds.  But we do not guarantee that it will take care of it all together, but it does help.  Once the patio has been compacted properly, you will broom off all polymeric sand from the brick.  Take your time and also make sure you even clean out the chamfer joints (beveled joints between the brick pavers), this makes for a more professional installation.  You probably will broom off the patio 2-3 times before you have it clean enough.

You may even want to blow it lightly with a leaf blower.  Lastly, you will take and lightly spray down the patio with a garden hose.  It is important not to let the water puddle on the pavers or more importantly in the paver joints.  Let the patio dry for approximately 30 minutes to an hour.  Lightly sprinkle the patio with water again not allowing it to pool with water.  Repeat this process one more time.  You have completed your brick paver patio installation.  While the patio is drying, we usually use this time to do our clean-up around the edge.

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